Yara Beilinson - Clases

Classes are aimed at both those, who use the voice professionally (singers, actors, broadcasters, teachers), and those who simply want to enjoy the art and pleasure of singing and to discover their own voice.

Classes are tailored to each student’s vocal needs which look to develop vocal ability, knowledge and proficiency of the instrument (body-voice) whilst encouraging musicality and creativity as vehicles of expression of voice.

Since 1996, Yara Beilinson works as a singing teacher and vocal coach, giving private classes and teaching at institutions like:

- Universidad Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona/Spain)
- Centre d´Estudis Musicals Alicia (Barcelona/Spain)
- Escuela de Música Jazz y Música Moderna Blue Train (Barcelona/Spain)
- Escuela de Música Fil Harmonic (Barcelona/Spain)
- Escuela Municipal de Música de La Llagosta (Barcelona/Spain)
- Centro Cultural Marcos A. Urbano (Buenos Aires/Argentina)
- Foro Latinoamericano de educación musical (Buenos Aires/Argentina)

Student’s Comments:

Oscar Baron:

"Yara is an incredible teacher, patient and professional as well as an excellent singer. Yara offers real practical classes, both enjoyable and entertaining but also demanding which ensures you are at your best when on stage. I recommend Yara without hesitation.Want to sing? Then get ready and sing with the best - Yara, no doubt".

Daniela Calandra:

"Yara is not only a highly profesional and precise singing teacher but also a singer and talented musician. This great perspective coupled with a sense of culture and musical understanding provides added value and quality to the singling clases".


"I contacted Yara Beilinson since my work as a singer required much vocal performance and I felt that my voice at concerts did not yield 100%. I had problems such as dysphonia, hoarseness and tightness of the throat. With Yara I saw results very soon. Within months of starting the vocal exercises that Yara proposed me, I have not only boosted my voice, but I have expanded my vocal range and have corrected errors I previously made when singing, breathing and using the diaphragm. In my concerts I not only use the voice but dancing also and Yara’s exercises for memorizing songs and improving diaphragmatic position met my needs. That is why Yara is more than just a singing teacher, she is a friend you can trust with your eyes closed and let yourself be guided through your exercises to achieve not just vocal but also physical control and in the hands of a professional".

Jose Manuel Salmerón (Vocalist of the Leonard Skinner y Tons i Sons Terrassa Gospel):

"I studied with Yara for almost 2 years. She helped me aquire vocal technique in a fun and entertaining way, focusing particularly on my musical style, allowing me to work with my repertoire whilst discovering other styles like Jazz and Blues, which have helped many of my projects over the years".

Mary Row:

"Consistent, tenacious, patient, very professional ... endless is the list of adjectives that define one of the most charming people I have had the honor and pleasure of knowing. Thanks to her work and philosophy I’ve learned to appreciate the vocal ability that one builds inside. Without doubt, ahe is one of the best".

Amelia Salmerón:

"I feel very fortunate to have Yara as my teacher. Since I started the classes I've evolved which I feel is very positive. Yara is a great professional who demonstrates this every day. I'm glad I chose Yara as my teacher as I am learning a lot. She is an inspiration".